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Get Your GOBO Card Stamped Nov 29 – Dec 1 for 

A Commemorative Mother’s/GOBO Festival Pint Glass*


Contestants should be pre-registered (at the booth or online) and must be present at the start of the hour to check in at the hosting venue.

Times below are when contests will BEGIN.

The END time of contests will depend on the number of participants.

Date Time Location
Friday, November 29:
Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation Information (APCF) Information Booth / Contest Registration 4-7 pm Auditorium Parking Lot


36 S Main St, Eureka Springs

Grandpa/Elder Beard Contest Concurrent With

Santa in the Park

(hosted by the Chamber of Commerce)

6 pm Basin Park


12 Spring Street, Eureka Springs

Swearing-in of Judges 8 pm Chelsea’s Corner Cafe 

10 Mountain Street, Eureka Springs

Opening Night Concert!

Mountain Sprout

9 pm Chelsea’s Corner Cafe 



10 Mountain Street, Eureka Springs


Saturday, November 30:
APCF / Information Booth / Contest Registration 9 am – 7 pm Auditorium Parking Lot



36 S Main St, Eureka Springs


No-Shave November: Most GrowthPartial Beard, Natural 11 am Rowdy Beaver Den 

45 Spring Street, Eureka Springs

Full Beard FreestyleBest Fake Beard 12 pm The New Delhi Cafe 



2 North Main, Eureka Springs

Full Beard, Natural 1 pm Chelsea’s Corner Cafe 



10 Mountain Street, Eureka Springs

Beard Parade

2 pm Staging begins at 1:45 at Chelsea’s Corner.(If the previous contest is still underway, ranking contestants will be asked to reassemble at the beer garden at 3:00 to complete judging, depending upon participant levels. Transportation will be provided. GOBOEureka thanks everyone, in advance, for participating with flexibility and humor.)
Group Picture 2:45 pm In front of Pied Piper 

82 Armstrong, Eureka Springs

Mother’s Beer & Beard Garden 

(continued judging, if necessary)

3 pm – close Pied Piper 


82 Armstrong, Eureka Springs

Mustache: Groomed, naturalMustache: Styled 

Mustache Freestyle

4 pm Voulez-Vous Lounge 


63 Spring Street, Eureka Springs

Best SideburnsPartial Beard, Freestyle 5 pm Jack’s Place 


37 Spring Street, Eureka Springs

Full Beard, Natural, With Styled MustacheInformation Booth / Contest Registration 6 pm7 pm – close The New Delhi Cafe  


2 North Main, Eureka Springs



Pied Piper


82 Armstrong, Eureka Springs

Most Bearded WorkplaceMost Bearded Campus 7 pm Lucky Seven @ Basin Park Hotel 

12 Spring Street, Eureka Springs


(Hosted by Lovely County Citizen)


Grizzly Adams Contest

9 pm The Cat House 


82 Armstrong, Eureka Springs

Sunday, December 1
APCF / Information Booth /Contest Registration 12 – 3 pm Chelsea’s Corner Cafe 


10 Mountain Street, Eureka Springs

Announcement of Winners 1 pm Chelsea’s Corner Cafe  


10 Mountain Street, Eureka Springs

Beard Church with

Brian Martin

2 pm Chelsea’s Corner Cafe 

10 Mountain Street, Eureka Springs

Currently, ALL participating venues have agreed to be non-smoking during events/contests.

*The (GOBO) Bingo Card:The GOBO game cards will be available at the festival information booth on Friday Nov. 29 from 4 to 7 p.m. outside The Auditorium, and at the booth on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., as well as at the participating venues all over town.

*The GOBO game card will be in effect Nov. 29 – Dec. 1.

*The new GOBO Guide (full of info about GOBO events, a festival map, and details about the festival’s purpose and its origins), published by the Lovely County Citizen, will contain a map of all GOBO contest locations as well as a complete schedule and directions on where to pick up the GOBO game card — and how to win prizes with it!


  1. Johnathon Adams says:

    Just wondering I’m a single father with no child is this a child friendly event I’ve been to some before that encouraged family and some not

    • goboeureka says:

      Most events before 9 pm are child friendly! (Jack’s Place is the only location that is not non-smoking. That contest venue is hosting at 5 pm.) Kids were our elder beard judges! The MOST family friendly location today is probably New Delhi: fake beard, full beard natural with styled mustache, and full beard freestyle are all at New Delhi.)

  2. Daniel Hanks says:

    when do i have to be there to enter the grizzly Adams contest

    • goboeureka says:

      We would like contestants to be there 15 minutes (minimum) before the contest begins. Thus, if you’re at Pied Piper/Cathouse by 8:45, you can enter (it starts at 9). That’s where the beer garden is, so you’d be close if you were enjoying a Mother’s Beer.


      • Daniel Hanks says:

        thanks. i don’t have to be there early for prejudge?

        • goboeureka says:


          Are you entering any other contests? (Oh do!)

          By the time of the Grizzly Adams contest, we will have re-located the reg/info booth to the Pied Piper/Cathouse (it’s in the Aud parking lot from 9 am until 7, but I don’t want to make those folks sit out in the cold all night and miss the whole party), so that’s pretty much the only place you’ll need to go.

          • Michael says:

            Do I have to be down there Friday if I’m only entering the grizzly Adams contest ? I’m thinking about just coming down for Saturday Sunday but can’t make it today due to work ?

          • goboeureka says:

            You don’t need to be there until 8:45 pm Saturday. (The booth will have been relocated to the beer/beard garden at Pied Piper, so it’s all at the same location at that point.) :)

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