Great Ozarkan Beard Off Event Schedule

Friday 11/24 5PM - 12AM

Registration & Pre Party

9pm Live Music by Brody Buster

At Chalsea's

Saturday 11/25 12PM - 9APM

GoBo Categories & Locations

Santa Beard

Basin Spring Park 12PM

(Weather Prmitting - Alternate Location is Chelsea's)

Imperial Stash

New Delhi 1:00PM

Freestyle Stash

New Delhi 1:30PM

Side Burns

New Delhi 2:00PM

Urban Amish

New Delhi 2:30PM

Fake Beard

Brews 3:00PM

Kids Freestyle

Brews 3:30PM

Fake Stash

Brews 4:00PM

Porn Stash

Chelsea's 5:00PM

Partial Beard

Chelsea's 5:30PM

Full Beard Natural

Chelsea's 6:00PM

Full Beard Styled Stash

Chelsea's 6:30PM

Partial Beard Styled Stash

Chelsea's 7:00PM

Partial Beard Freestyle

Chelsea's 7:30PM

Full Beard Freestyle

Chelsea's 8:00PM

9:00 PM Live Music by Josh Hoyer

Josh Hoyer Logo

Sunday 12-3PM

Cold Pizza and Bloody Mary's at Chelsea's

1st Place Winners will be featured in teh 2019 Calendar